Getting your teeth professionally whitened is a great way to enjoy the brighter smile you’ve always wanted. You may think of doing it yourself with over-the-counter whitening kits, but there’s a huge difference between in-office teeth whitening results vs. store-bought solutions. Read on to learn the many benefits of getting professional teeth whitening from your nearest dentist.

Enhanced Appearance

Whiter and brighter teeth enhance the appearance of your smile and have a positive impact on the way people socialize with you. Whiter teeth make you more attractive, and people perceive you as friendly and smart and want to be around you. What if you’re in the PR department? An increment might be on its way to you!

A New Younger Look

Over time your teeth become dull due to the staining caused by the use of tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco products. Another reason is the darkening of pulp in the teeth’s center. Teeth whitening from a dentist returns back the lost charm of your teeth, making you look and feel younger.

Lesser Time, Better Results

The outcomes of in-office teeth whitening are outstanding compared to what’s achieved with self-whitening kits. Professional procedures can make your teeth look around eight shades lighter, and that too in just one hour, while home treatments can only lighten your teeth by two shades and need to be applied constantly for many weeks or even months.

Whiten Your Newly Straightened Teeth

After spending a year or two with all the pain and fear of braces, it’s time to have them removed. But it can be devastating for many patients to see that after all that time, what they have is teeth with mismatching colors. This happens because teeth cleaning couldn’t reach where the braces were attached. Nothing makes you happier than getting straighter teeth and a brighter smile.

In-Office Whitening Prevents Gum Irritation

The whitening trays you can purchase from the store are not customized for your individual whitening needs. Every person has different teeth and mouth, which means that ingredients present in store bought whitening products can be suitable for one person but may cause irritation and discomfort in your mouth.

Uneven Teeth Whitening

It’s simple and easy to use the whitening strips or gels, but if you don’t apply exactly the same amount of whitening agent to each tooth and for the same amount of time, the result can be dissimilar teeth colors. A dentist first examines the shade of your teeth and then applies the gel to each tooth individually, keeping in mind the shade you want to achieve. You end up with whiter, brighter teeth and a flawless smile.

No Dental Sensitivity

It’s common to experience slight sensitivity after the teeth whitening procedure as the active ingredient penetrates the tooth enamel to break down the stains. Professional teeth whitening procedures are safe for your teeth and also keep the sensitivity to the minimum. Additionally, your dentist can apply a gel to relieve any sensitivity after whitening.

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