In this day and age, misinformation spreads like wildfire; therefore, it has become crucial to separate fact from fiction, especially regarding health. Among many myths, one particularly gaining popularity is that dental implants cause cancer. Dental implants have secured their position as one of the safest ways to replace missing teeth and help prevent other issues. Let’s debunk the myth once and for all.

Oral Cancer and Dental Implants – Is Implantation Safe for Missing Teeth?

The good news is that after research, there was no direct link found between dental implants and oral cancer.

In fact, dental implants are one of those few kinds of dental treatment options (for missing teeth) that actually stimulate new bone tissue growth.

The regeneration or rejuvenation of the bone tissues is basically because of the implants’ solid surface, which supports the growth of new cells. Implants replace the natural tooth buried in your gums. They are then fixed to a titanium metal base that is surgically screwed inside your jawbone to fuse and heal with your bone tissue.

Usually, there are no issues involved with the addition of dental implants, and the patients do not complain with respect to their teeth or gums. Although you might hear them raving about their new entries and their function at every party, you go to.

Moreover, according to various studies, dental implants are found to be less likely to cause gum disease compared to natural teeth. This is because the titanium base used for the implants is accepted by your body (bone and gums).

Is Getting A Dental Implant Safe?

Yes, of course! The procedure is completely safe and very effective in replacing missing teeth. As per the dentists, there is almost zero percent risk of any major complications occurring after the dental implant procedure, such as cancer, for the majority of the patients with good health.

Can Tooth Implants Cause Health Problems?

Dental implants offer a very high success rate of about 95% or more, and they ensure a better quality of life. However, this doesn’t mean no complications at all. Issues like infections, gum receding from the line, and nerve and tissue damage are some possibilities.

Can You Get Dental Implants With Oral Cancer?

Cancer is not a normal enemy; fighting off cancer cells takes a huge toll on the immune system of the body, making you more susceptible to certain infections.
Getting dental implants soon after undergoing chemotherapy, there is a lingering risk of implant infection. Chemo weakens your natural immune mechanism; therefore, your body may not fight the intruders in that situation, and the implant could fail.

Final Note

So, if the risk of cancer was putting the idea of getting dental implants off your list, time to let it go; get in touch with professionals from AT Dental Clinic for a detailed discussion on this. We are at 1906 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, near Maxim Market – the Asian grocery store. Or, call us today at (408) 579-9931 for assistance.

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