Time to bid farewell to teeth stains and say hello to a brilliant smile! But will they remain white forever after treatment? Unfortunately, no. If you want to maintain the radiance, there are certain foods you should not eat after teeth whitening, such as tomatoes. They are nutritious and tasty but not smile-friendly. This blog has detailed the top 10 food and beverage items you should steer clear of post-teeth whitening.

What To Not Eat After Teeth Whitening Procedure

To maintain your pearly whites, watch what you consume, as some edibles can undo all your efforts instantly.

  1. Tomatoes – Fruit Form or Pureed
    You may have to stop for a bit if you fancy a juicy tomato or need tomato sauce while eating. They are high in acids and contain pigments that stain your teeth and cause damage. So, while your teeth are still sensitive, it’s best not to eat tomatoes and tomato-enriched items.
  2. Citrus Fruits
    Some fruits, such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, are full of vitamins but also high in acidity, which weakens your tooth enamel. This makes your teeth more susceptible to staining and sensitivity. So, going easy on the citrus fruits for a while is better to protect your newly whitened smile.
  3. Fruit and Vegetable Juices/smoothies
    Organic juices may seem like a healthy alternative to eating, but some harm your teeth. When you extract the pulp, you get high acidity levels which erode your enamel and lead to discoloration. Opt for lighter-colored alternatives or dilute them with water to minimize the impact on your teeth.
  4. Dark Sauces Or Condiments
    Heavily-pigmented sauces like soy sauce, mustard, and ketchup are trouble for your teeth. Think of it like this; if you are worried that they may stain your white shirt, they will probably stain your teeth too.
  5. Steer Clear of Foods with Colorants or Dyes
    Added colorants or dyes are a signal of trouble; whether natural or artificial, opt not to eat them. Sports drinks, popsicles, and many other treats fall into this category.
  6. Teas and Coffee
    A cup of tea or coffee in the morning is like a comforting hug. However, after teeth whitening, you must avoid them due to the presence of tannins that darken your teeth over time. Another problem is the change in your teeth’ porosity; since your teeth are more permeable after whitening, these tannins act faster. It is better to look for alternatives.
  7. Wines – Red or White
    Both wines, red or white, are harmful to your tooth color and enamel. Red wine’s acidity and dark pigment can cause staining and erosion, while white wine can further break down your enamel.
  8. Dark Fruits or Vegetables
    Fruits and vegetables are healthy and delicious, so incorporating them into your diet is good. However, staying away from darkly pigmented ones like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes, pomegranates, carrots, purple cabbage, beets, and dark, leafy greens is best to maintain the brilliance of your white teeth.
  9. Sugar Retreats
    Treats like cakes, cookies, and candy are tempting. Still, their refined sugars contribute to tooth decay, cavities, enamel erosion, and discoloration, especially when your teeth are sensitive after whitening.
  10. Fizzy Soft Drinks
    Carbonated fizzy drinks pose risks to your teeth. High sugars, color additives, and acidity can strip away your tooth enamel and cause unsightly stains.

Closing Note

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