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Veneers are a very popular cosmetic treatment, and one of the best options for restoring your smile if you’re suffering from issues like stains, chips, gaps, or uneven teeth. To learn more about veneers in San Jose, schedule your consultation with our team today!

Understanding the Basics

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are a type of cosmetic dental prosthesis. They are similar to a crown, as they are built to fit over your natural teeth after they have been trimmed. Unlike a crown, however, they are only meant to cover up the front chewing surface of your teeth for cosmetic purposes.
Essentially, veneers cover up the natural enamel of your front teeth with a bright, natural-looking porcelain material. Because of this, veneers can be used to treat a wide variety of different cosmetic dental issues.

However, veneers are not a restorative treatment and they cannot be used to treat damaged or decayed teeth. If your teeth are damaged, you will need an alternative restorative treatment like a filling or a crown.

What to Expect

The Veneer Placement Process

After Dr. Tuan has approved you for treatment, the process typically takes two appointments over a span of 2-3 weeks at AT Dental Care. During your first appointment, your teeth will be trimmed and prepared for your veneers.
Your mouth will be numbed and cleaned, then Dr. Tuan will buff away a thin layer of your enamel from each tooth that is receiving a veneer. This enamel must be removed so that your veneers will fit seamlessly, and won’t add any further bulk to your teeth. Then, Dr. Tuan will take impressions of your teeth using dental putty, as well as images of your smile.

These images and impressions will be sent to our partner dental lab, and they will begin making your veneers. Building your veneers takes a few weeks, so you will be sent home with a set of temporary resin veneers to protect your teeth.
Once your permanent veneers arrive at our office, you’ll come in for another appointment. At this appointment Dr. Tuan will check the fit of each veneer, and make any minor adjustments that may be required. Then, your veneers will be bonded into place using dental cement, completing the procedure.

Care & Maintenance

Caring for Veneers

You can care for your veneers just like you’d care for your natural teeth. Brush twice per day for two minutes, and floss once per day. It’s also important to continue to see Dr. Tuan every six months for a cleaning and a check-up.
Avoid chewing hard foods (almonds, ice, etc.) and non-food objects (pens, pencils, fingernails) with your veneers. It’s also important to avoid using your teeth as tools to open bags and packages or to tear tape. To protect your veneers, get a night guard if you grind your teeth, and an athletic mouthguard if you play contact sports.

Candidates for Veneers

Are Veneers Right for Me?

If you have cosmetic problems with your smile, but your mouth is healthy and free of issues like gum disease and tooth decay, you’re likely a good candidate for veneers. To find out more, just schedule a cosmetic consultation in San Jose with AT Dental Care.

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