Full Mouth Reconstruction in San Jose, CA


Are you unhappy with how your teeth look? Our full-mouth reconstruction in San Jose, CA, is designed to restore the health and appearance of your teeth. Dr. Tuan works alongside his team to ensure you have a healthy and beautiful smile. Visit AT Dental Care and sign up for our wide range of services today!

Revive Your Smile With

Mouth Reconstruction in San Jose, CA

When you visit our dental clinic for your dental procedures, rest assured that you will receive optimal care. Dr. Tuan has years of experience and knowledge to give you the healthy smile you dream of. We offer exceptional full-mouth reconstruction in San Jose, CA, and you may need it in the following situations:

  1. You can get a full mouth reconstruction when you are dealing with discoloration, missing teeth, wear and tear, or another aesthetic concern.
  2. If the health of your teeth is declining, it necessitates the need for reconstruction. Untreated decay and other diseases can worsen the condition of your teeth, but you can visit us for treatment.
  3. Gum health can cause significant damage to your oral health, which is why we offer effective treatments. Talk to our team and get started on reconstructing your smile!
    When you suffer from oral trauma, it could affect the health of your teeth. Whether your teeth are cracking, chipping, or damaged, our comprehensive reconstruction services are what you need.

Our All-on-X Technique Saves Missing Teeth

Here at AT Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing you with quality dental treatments. Our goal is to ensure you do not lose the appearance and function of your teeth. But if you have lost the majority or all of your teeth, no need to hide! We use an advanced technique involving dental implants; our specialist will strategically place the implant in order to support a full-arch fixed prosthesis.

We incorporate the latest advancements and technology in our procedures, ensuring that your dental health comes first. Our dentist will determine which option is most suitable for you and proceed with the treatment. With our full mouth reconstruction in San Jose, CA, you can welcome improved oral health. All-on-X is a stable and secure restoration that offers benefits like natural-looking teeth aesthetics, jawbone stimulation, convenience, and faster recovery.

Explore Convenience with Overdentures

Do your dentures fall out when you talk or speak? We have the ideal alternative for you: overdentures! First, our expert surgically places the implant into your jawbone; they might also use a retainer bar for stability. Then, we secure the overdentures to the implants, giving you a confident smile. Our affordable overdentures save you money while providing you with comfort, efficient chewing, and more.

Contact AT Dental Care Today!

When you visit us for full-mouth reconstruction in San Jose, CA, you will be amazed by our exceptional services. All the damage and aesthetic concerns will be history when Dr. Tuan and his team have worked on your smile. Reach out to us today and regain your healthy teeth!

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