Emergency Dentistry in San Jose, CA

Emergency Dentistry

dental care when you need it most

Emergency Dentistry from At Dental Care

AT Dental Care offers emergency dentistry for patients in San Jose, Silver Creek, and Evergreen. Whether you’re a long-time patient or you’ve never visited our office before, Dr. Tuan is happy to provide you with the care you need for your dental emergencies. With same-day and after-hours appointments available, we can help you get relief from the pain and inconvenience of a dental emergency, and get back to your day-to-day routine. Schedule your appointment now!

flexible scheduling

For Emergency Treatment

We offer same-day appointments during our standard operating hours. If you are having a dental emergency, please come and see us as soon as you can.

If possible, we request that you give us a call at (408) 579-9931 before you come into our office and tell us that you’re coming in, so that Dr. Tuan can prepare for your arrival.

However, we do also accept walk-in emergency patients at our office, so you can stop by at 1906 Aborn Road, San Jose, CA 95121 even if you don’t have the time to call ahead.

We offer case-by-case emergency treatment after-hours and on weekends. We can offer treatment between 6-8 pm if Dr. Tuan approves your case. We may also be able to see patients with very urgent dental emergencies like knocked-out or infected teeth after-hours. Contact us to see if you can get a weekend or after-hours appointment at our office!

what counts as

A Dental Emergency?

If you are experiencing a dental issue that you do not know how to treat on your own and is causing you serious bleeding, pain, or discomfort, you are having a dental emergency.

A wide variety of different issues qualify as an emergency. Dental injuries such as cracked, damaged, loose, or knocked-out teeth are obvious emergencies. But other issues like a serious, prolonged toothache, loose, pulled-out or damaged dental work, or even a piece of food or another object that’s lodged in your teeth all count as dental emergencies.

If you think that your condition counts as an emergency, it probably does. It is important to get help from Dr. Tuan right away to ensure you can get relief from your pain, and prevent further dental complications.

what should I do

If my Tooth is knocked out?

If your tooth is knocked out, it is crucial that you have it splinted and replaced at our office within 1-2 hours, or it will die. Recover your tooth, and be sure to grab it by the top (crown) and not the bottom (root). Rinse it off with warm water if it’s dirty, and either replace it in the socket or put it in a container of cold milk to keep it cool.

Then, call AT Dental Care and let us know that you’re coming in. Don’t waste any time. The sooner you get treatment, the more likely it is that Dr. Tuan will be able to save your tooth.
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