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Dental Implants

Do you have one or more missing teeth? It does not become easy to get accustomed to the empty space in your mouth, and it can bring forth complications over time. Our implant specialist, Dr. Tuan, can provide you with durable dental implants in San Jose, CA, to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile at fair pricing. He has extensive expertise, which has earned him the title of Implant Master and Fellow with none other than the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

A dental implant, in simple terms, is a replacement option for permanent teeth. It is an artificial tooth root that provides support for replacement teeth, such as dentures, crowns, or bridges. An implant specialist will surgically place the medical device into the affected individual’s jaw. With implants, you can look forward to improved aesthetics, restored chewing ability, prevention of bone loss, and other benefits!

Who Can Receive Dental Implants in San Jose

People lose their teeth for different reasons, some more common than the other. Gum disease, tooth decay, oral trauma, chronic illness, and lifestyle factors are among the leading causes of tooth loss.

Dental implants are a sought-after treatment to replace missing teeth, but not everyone can receive them. The dentist will evaluate your gums, overall health, oral hygiene, and age and use X-rays or a CT scan to determine the bone density in your jaw. After a thorough examination, they will decide if dental implants are the right option for you or not.

Our tooth implants in San Jose are a versatile treatment option; they can replace a single tooth, multiple missing teeth, and even an entire arch. You can opt for a single dental implant if you have one missing tooth.

Many patients prefer multiple tooth implants to replace natural teeth and their roots. You can even receive implant-supported bridges or partials for adjacent teeth that are missing.

People who are missing an entire arch of teeth can also receive dental implants. We provide implant options to restore an entire row of teeth, such as implant-supported dentures!

Teeth Implant Process at Our Clinic

The dental implant procedure involves the surgical placement of the artificial tooth root, followed by abutment placement, and finally, securing the crown. Our implant specialist follows a safe and effective approach, giving your mouth time to heal and keeping an eye out for any complications. Here are the stages of the dental implant procedure at our San Jose office:


  1. Consultation & Examination: The dental implant process begins with a comprehensive oral exam. If Dr. Tuan determines that you are a good candidate for an implant, he will take the necessary X-rays and images of your jaw and mouth to begin developing your treatment plan.

  3. Implant Insertion: You’ll return in a few weeks for your dental implant placement procedure at our San Jose clinic. Using your treatment plan, Dr. Tuan will create a small incision in your gums to access your jaw. Your implant will be placed precisely into this opening; then, the area will be cleaned, sanitized, and sutured shut.

  5. Healing: Initial recovery takes only about a week, but it takes 3-6 months for the implant to bond (osseointegrate) with the surrounding bone and gum tissue. You can visit us for a few follow-up appointments during this time so Dr. Tuan can make sure your dental implant is healing properly. He will take impressions and photos of your mouth and send them to a dental lab, where your crown is prepared.

  7. Abutment Placement: After osseointegration, our dentist will schedule a session to place the abutment, which is an important piece that helps connect the implant to the crown.

  9. Securing the Crown: Once our team develops your custom crown and your mouth is fully healed, you will come in for your final appointment. Dr. Tuan will check the crown and make sure it fits, then bond it permanently into place to restore your smile.

One-Stage vs. Two-Stage Implant Surgery

There are two types of dental implant surgeries that the dentist might provide, depending on your preference and requirements. You can go for a one-stage surgery, which involves performing one surgical procedure that allows the abutment to stick out of the gums. Then, our San Jose surgeon during the dental implant procedure will place the artificial tooth over the top.

This procedure allows for less pain, a fast aesthetic solution, and less surgery time, but it might cause overload during osseointegration, leading to damage.

A two-stage surgery, as the name suggests, is a type of dental implant procedure where the surgeon will perform two surgeries. First, we will place the implant into your jaw bone, and 2-3 months later, we start the second stage after osseointegration. In the second stage, we uncover the implant and connect the abutment to the fixture!

Types of Dental Implants

There is a distinction between types of implants depending on how they are meant to be inserted into the jawbone. Firstly, we have an ‘endosteum’, which resembles a small screw and is placed inside the jaw. Then, we have ‘subperiosteal’, a metal post that the oral surgeon places on or above the jawbone. Next, there is the ‘zygoma’, which is fused with the cheekbone instead of the jawbone.

Dr. Tuan will evaluate your health history and examine your condition to determine which type of implant is most suitable for you. We provide different types of dental implants in San Jose!

Teeth Implants vs. Other Tooth Replacement Options

Dental implants in San Jose, CA, might be one of the permanent tooth replacement options, but they are not the only ones. Dentures and bridges are also popular solutions for missing teeth. So, how does a dental implant differ from the other alternatives? Here is an insight into dental implants compared to bridges and dentures:


  1. Longevity: When it comes to longevity, our dental implants last the longest — from 15 years to a lifetime. On the other hand, dentures tend to last 7 years with proper care, and bridges also have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. With proper maintenance, dental bridges and dentures might last longer!

  3. Function: Dentures replace missing teeth and surrounding structures, restoring the chewing ability and aesthetics of your smile, but they might cause speech problems for some people. Dental bridges, too, restore the appearance and chewing as well as the speech function of your teeth. If you want an option that restores chewing and speech function, improves dental bone stimulation, and looks natural, our teeth implants in San Jose are the answer.

  5. Aesthetics: While dentures and dental bridges might initially appear natural, their appearance might fade with age. Dental implants, however, retain their appearance and keep the aesthetics intact for years to come.


Although dental implants are a popular and effective choice for replacing natural teeth, they may not be suitable for everyone. You can have a detailed consultation with our implant specialist in San Jose, discussing your health history, goals, requirements, costs, and more with them.

You will need to consider multiple factors, including your oral health and hygiene, bone density, postoperative instructions, possible complications, cost, habits such as smoking, and more.

If you have severe gum disease, severe bone loss, pre-existing medical conditions, poor oral hygiene, etc., you may not be a suitable candidate for dental implants.

Cost of Dental Implants in San Jose, CA

Generally, an individual tooth implant might cost somewhere between $1,500 and $5,800, depending on various factors. The price of an implant will depend on the number of replacements you receive, the type of implant, your location, the complexity of the surgery, and other aspects. We offer budget-friendly financial options, ensuring that dental implant treatment is easy on your wallet.

A Healthy Smile Awaits You!

Dr. Tuan is here to help you attain a healthy and complete smile. Schedule a consultation for a high-quality dental implant in San Jose, CA, at our clinic. Our implant specialist will conduct a proper evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth implants. We will prepare a customized treatment plan tailored according to your needs and requirements. Dial (408) 579-9931 to book an appointment today!

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