Teeth whitening is the magical potion that turns your ordinary teeth into a dazzling beautiful smile. But is it also the cause of your gums receding? While teeth whitening itself does not directly cause gum recession, factors such as gum irritation from bleaching agents or improperly fitted whitening trays could contribute to this issue. Let’s discuss the link between the two and the treatment options to fix it!

Can Teeth Whitening Make Your Gum Recede?

The answer to your question is NO. For the most part, teeth whitening does not push your gums from their original position. However, there are certain conditions in which this process might contribute to this happening.

One such case is if you already have thin tissue or sensitive gums, you are automatically first in line for subsequent gum recession. This is mainly due to the harsh chemicals used to clean the enamel; their presence causes the burning of gum tissues.

Other than that, it can also happen if you push the tray down way too hard while setting the chemicals in your mouth.

Can You Whiten Teeth With Gums Already Receding From Line?

If you are already dealing with gum recession, it is best not to start with the teeth whitening process. Gum recession leaves your tooth unarmed to save itself from the harshness of those whitening chemicals.

Content such as peroxides can make the roots thinner and more sensitive to irritations, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Treatment routes such as scaling and root planing or gum graft surgery may work best if you spot gum tissue movement.

The 3 Culprits behind Gum Recession

1. Aggressive Brushing Technique

Tough brushing is not at all the best way to thoroughly clean your teeth. Your gums need a soft touch since they are delicate by virtue. Vigorous brushing can push them away, causing a recession.

2. OTC Whitening Strips

Thinking about saving some bucks by running to the store for an OTC whitening kit? Well, you may get it cheap, but the whitening solution may not be appropriately prepared and may shrink away your gums.

3. Gum Disease

If you see signs of persistent bleeding or swollen gums, time to ring your dentist! A gum recession is on the way.


Usually, in mild gum recession cases, your dentist may treat this issue via deep cleaning of the affected area. The entire process includes two portions, namely tooth scaling and root planing. Plaque and tartar accumulation on the teeth and root below the gum line is meticulously cleaned out. Other than that, your dentists may also prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection internally.

On the flip side, if the situation of your gum recession has gotten worse and cannot be treated with deep dental cleaning, surgery may be required to repair the damage.

Closing Note

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