So, are you gearing up for the removal of your annoying wisdom teeth? If it is your first, we understand how crucial it is for your mental peace to make sure you navigate the process with ease. You can take this blog as your initial guide to preparing for wisdom teeth removal.

1. Stop Consuming Food and Drinks

If your dentist has mentioned anything about sedation during your surgery, the fasting rule comes into play. To prepare your body for wisdom teeth extraction, do not eat or drink after midnight before the procedure. This precautionary measure reduces the risk of nausea and complications during surgery.

2. Sleep Well

A healed body is a well-rested body, and in this quest, quality sleep is your ally. Practice a healthy sleep schedule before and after your tooth extraction. Your body needs ample rest to get back successfully post-surgery.

3. Smoking, Vaping, and Alcohol Cessation

In the 12 hours that lead up to your surgery, right before and after for a week, do not smoke and drink. Complying with these instructions is pivotal, as both habits hamper the healing process and lead to complications during surgery.

4. Stock Up on Soft Foods

Your diet before wisdom teeth removal is no different, but afterward, it is a must to embrace soft foods. Some of the options include:

  • Soups
  • Pudding
  • Easily chewable options

It is better to stock up on these prior to your surgery to ensure there is no hassle during recovery.

5. Stay with A Family Member or A Friend

Pairing with a buddy after wisdom teeth removal is more than just a comforting idea—it is a practical necessity. You might feel wired and tired after the procedure, making support invaluable.

6. Keep Your Phone Away

It might sting a little, but no phones are allowed in the extraction room. Give it to a friend safe-keeping or anyone you trust before wisdom teeth removal.

7. Be Honest with Your Dentist

Communication is key; therefore, be clear about your medications, family health history, and any potential risk factors with your dentist. If you are on a prescribed medication, share this information to ensure compatibility with any medicinal drugs used during the extraction.

8. Arrange for a Ride

Anesthesia and driving are a no-no. Make sure that someone is there after your surgery to take you home. Planning this beforehand guarantees safety.

9. Take a Break

Your body needs time to heal, so take some days off work and any other commitment of yours. Prepare in advance, clear your schedule, and give yourself the space to recover without unnecessary stress.

10. Ask Questions That Bother You

It is a good practice to clear any queries before your wisdom teeth removal kicks off. Ask your dentist any questions you may have. Understanding the process will get rid of any concerns you might have. At “AT Dental”, our specialist, Dr. Tuan Vo, who has had extensive education from the Academy of General Dentistry, explains the entire process in detail and can address any questions you have.

Tips for Smooth Recovery

Here’s how you can ease the post-extraction process:

  1. Ice Packs for Swelling: Some swelling is inevitable post-surgery. Applying ice packs can help minimize it and provide relief.
  2. Follow Post-Op Care Instructions: Your dentist will provide extensive post-operative care instructions. Follow these religiously for a faster and smoother recovery.
  3. Keep Yourself Hydrated and Avoid Straws: Keeping a hydration level is crucial, but avoid using straws to drink water or any fluid initially. Sipping through a straw can dislodge blood clots, leading to a dry socket.
  4. Gentle Oral Hygiene Regime: Maintain oral hygiene, but be gentle while brushing your teeth.

Closing Note

Having a full recovery plan set before your wisdom teeth removal is necessary to handle the recovery period. Get in touch with dental care experts from AT Dental Care at (408) 579-9931. We are located at 1906 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, United States, for more information or queries.


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