Teeth whitening procedures are a choice of many when it comes to improving the appearance of a person’s teeth. A single teeth whitening session in your dentist’s chair can whiten up your teeth up to eight shades. For anyone who wants to get rid of the teeth stain and discoloration caused due to aging or consuming foods and drinks rich in colors, teeth whitening treatment awaits you.

Should You Get Your Cavities Fixed Before Teeth Whitening?

In-office whitening treatments performed by dentists use bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to break down the stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth. The chemical erodes the tooth enamel and can trigger pain in the teeth that have decayed.

Teeth whitening can severely irritate the teeth with cavities causing intense pain and sensitivity. Sometimes the whitening procedure can permanently damage your teeth. The worst case is when you have teeth that are already decayed. Teeth whitening is not effective if cavities have caused the stains and color change of your teeth and can even magnify the damage made to your teeth.

Cavities Mean Disqualification From Teeth Whitening?

No. If you have cavities, it doesn’t mean you can’t get teeth whitening treatment. It just means that your dentist will do something about the decay and cavities before continuing with the whitening procedure.

Treating Cavities

An amazing way to fill up the cavities is the use of composite resin. The colors of the composite can be matched to the whiteness level that will be reached after the whitening treatment. Your decayed tooth will first be cleaned and then filled up with resin.

Root Canal
If your tooth is severely damaged, your dentist will recommend a root canal. During the procedure, the soft tissues in the pulp chamber roof of the teeth are cleaned and then closed. Once the root canal is finished, your tooth will need a dental crown, but the dentist will not place it until the whitening is complete.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Most of the time, the whitening treatment is completed with custom whitening trays. The impression of your mouth is taken and sent off to the lab that fabricates the mouth trays. The whitening agent is filled in the trays, and the patients wear it on their teeth. This prevents the gel from leaking into the gums, which can cause discomfort.

The whitening tray sits in your mouth for around 1½ hours. After the mouth tray is removed, your dentist will rinse your mouth to remove any residues.

If your teeth are prone to sensitivity, you can ask your dentist to apply a desensitizer that reduces the pain felt after whitening.

Get Your Cavities Filled And Whiten Your Teeth

If you wish to learn how we can whiten your teeth while managing your cavities, contact us on call (408) 579-9931 or visit our San Jose dental office to meet one of our expert dentists. Our staff will be waiting to see you!

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