If you have just gotten your clear aligners and wondering, “Why does my Invisalign not fit properly from one side?” or “Why is my Invisalign popping off one side?” Don’t fret; even with meticulous preparation, it is common; let’s find out why. 

How Should Invisalign Fit?

These new aligners may feel a bit strange at first, but they should smoothly fit over your teeth in a snap. Do not get puzzled if you notice tiny gaps around your teeth at the beginning of each set of aligners. Every set is tailored to accomplish specific tooth movements. By the time you move on, the gaps will totally disappear.

Why Doesn’t Your Invisalign Fit Properly?

If you are experiencing issues with your Invisalign fit, minor adjustments may suffice. If not, then your discomfort may be due to: 

1. Brand new set of aligners.

Remember, every new aligner represents the end of the current stage and the start of something new. Give your Invisalign a gentle nudge to encourage a smoother fit, and as your teeth shift, they’ll fit better in no time.

2. Not following the 22-hour rule.

The dentists cannot stress this enough. Keep Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day. Only take them out when you want to drink, brush, and floss – that’s it! 

3. Damaged Aligners

Although Invisalign is durable, mishandling leads to damage. Avoid washing them in hot water or drinking hot beverages with them on. They are made of plastic which warps, affecting the fit.

Achieving The Perfect Fit 

Mastering the perfect fit is much easier than you think! Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Proper insertion: Work starts as soon as you put in your aligners; start by pushing them over the front teeth first. Next, apply gentle pressure to the molars until the aligners snap fit into place. It is best to use your thumbs, not fingers, to press the entire surface of the aligners, fully sealing them over your teeth.
  2. Introducing Invisalign Chewies: Do you have slight gaps between a tooth and the aligner? Invisalign Chewies can be your new best friend! They eliminate gaps, remove air bubbles, and improve the fit. All you need to do is use them for about 10 to 15 minutes a day, especially when you switch to a new set of aligners.

Here’s how to use them:

  • Place the chewy between your upper and lower teeth, then bite down a few times.
  • Hold it in place for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Give extra attention to areas with air bubbles.

Closing Note 

To learn more about Invisalign in San Jose, talk to our experts from AT Dental Clinic. You can find us at 1906 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, near Maxim Market – the Asian grocery store. Contact us today for answers to all your queries at (408) 579-9931.

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