Women during pregnancy require extra care and attention due to the changes happening in their bodies. This means they need to be more careful about the treatments available to them. It is common for women to have unbearable tooth pain while they are pregnant; however, the good news is that the issue is reversible and primarily eases off after delivery.

Still, staying in constant tooth pain while pregnant is no longer necessary to be safe from medicines.

Causes of Tooth Pain during Pregnancy

Bodily changes might cause unbearable tooth pain while you are pregnant; some of them are:

Morning sickness

Almost every woman goes through it, especially in the first trimester. This is because of the constant gastric acidic content reacting with the tooth. This results in dental and your teeth start hurting during the entire pregnancy.

Unhealthy Eating Pattern

It is not unusual to make pregnant women eat hefty foods containing fats as well as dairy to deliver a healthy baby. This change in eating patterns increases their chances of dental problems, eventually leading to tooth pain later.

The growing baby requires calcium.

Calcium is needed for apt growth. If the body does not have sufficient amounts, the baby starts taking it from different places, such as your teeth, making the tooth ache during pregnancy.

Gum changes during pregnancy

The tissues become sensitive that causing bleeding while brushing or flossing resulting in tooth pain.

Plaque buildup

While you are pregnant, your body may change its regular response to plaque and let it accumulate on your teeth and gums, causing tooth decay.

What Is Pregnancy Gingivitis?

The gestation period brings about change in almost everything, including the mouth. Signs like tooth pain, gum bleeding, swollen gums, irritation, inflammation, and gum recession indicate pregnancy gingivitis.

While you are pregnant, do not delay the tooth pain as it can go unbearable at any time to cause further complications.

On the other hand, untreated pregnancy gingivitis increases the risk of pre-term birth.

How to Effectively Cure Tooth Pain While Being Pregnant

Toothache is one of the unwanted effects of pregnancy. So the first step is talking to a dentist. Then, the best thing one can do is to practice good oral hygiene to keep plaque at bay.

Modify the Dietary Intake
Excessive eating means high levels of sugar and acidic content. This disturbs the physiological as well as oral functioning. You must ensure that the food you eat contains all the vitamins and other nutrients it needs.

Saltwater rinse
Saltwater solution impacts painful teeth during pregnancy. Take a mouthful and swish it for 30 seconds, then spit. Repeat at least 2 times a day.

Garlic is a potent anti-bacterial. Its use is safe for women trying to avoid medications during the gestation period.

Final Words

It is not safe for pregnant women to take any sort of medication as it can negatively affect the baby’s growth. So, it is best to get in touch with a dentist. Why don’t you give AT Dental Care San Jose a call? We will be more than happy to help.

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