Root canals are one of the standard procedures to eliminate damaged tooth roots without having to pull the entire structure out. So, how long does a root canal usually take to complete?

A procedure inevitable when the soft tissues get infected takes nothing more than 30 to 60 minutes of your day.

How Long Does A Dentist Take To Do A Root Canal?

As mentioned earlier, you can expect to get done with the whole process in less than an hour. However, there is a catch to it. The time may exceed if your tooth has more irregularities. So, it may stretch as long as 90 minutes or more for a root canal.

Every tooth structure is different from one another. Some have plainly one pulp canal, whereas others have multiple. This also serves as a time-consuming factor for root canal treatment.

Moreover, set-up time, patient preparation, as well as anesthesia situation will also dictate the procedure time.

Lastly, your root canal will take a good long time if the area of your infected tooth is large enough and requires extensive cleaning.

How Long Does It Take To Do Root Canal On The Following Types Of Teeth?

Canine and Incisor Teeth
Incisor and canine are the front runners of your set. Both types contain a single root, so take the least to fill up and close during the procedure. Still, the root canal will require 40 to 60 minutes long, without crown placement.

Molars located at the back of your mouth need more time because of the tiny space. If an infection pulps in one of those teeth, the root canal process will take more or less 90 minutes long. Along with the area, these teeth can have up to 4 pulp canals, which is why they take more time.

Premolars situated between the molars and canines have 1or 2 pulps. So, it may not take longer than 1 hour to finish this off.

If your tooth needs a crown cover, your dentist may spend an extra hour then and there or call for an appointment.

Which Patients Require a Second Visit?

This decision is taken on the basis of the patient’s tooth condition. In the first meet up, the dentist disinfects the charged tooth. Enough care and time will be given to perform the whole process; your tooth, with a temporary antibacterial drug, will be treated to ease off the pain.

Deep dental cleaning marks the second phase with sealant application on the tooth inside the oral cavity. The dentist may put on either a permanent or temporary filling. This also may be with or without a crown for tooth restoration.

Aftercare Instructions for Root Canal Treatment

Some may not require a crown. Those who do might have to wait as long as 1 to 2 for it after a root canal. Do not eat crunchy or hard foods after you get off the dentist’s chair. Make sure to slowly sip plenty of cold water for relief.

The Gist

A root canal is a complex procedure that requires multiple steps and the total time is dependent on various factors. Why don’t you contact one of the dentists from AT dental in San Jose for a quick checkup if you have an infected tooth? Give us a call at (408) 579-9931 to connect with us.

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