If you have dental anxiety and sitting on the chair makes your heart race and leaves your palms sweaty, do not worry; you are not alone in this. Approximately 50 to 80% of fellow Americans have the same issue. So, what can be done about this? For starters, choosing the right dentist may pave the way to deal with this trouble.

Impact of Choosing a Caring Dentist

Consider your dentist as a partner in this dental wellness journey. But this partnership can yield desired results only if the communication is effective.

While relaxation technique such as deep breathing is extremely effective, an open conversation can remove a lot of doubts in your mind that play games and increase your stress level.

Parameters to Consider While Choosing the Right Dentist

The right dentist will make you feel at home and put you at ease. Some factors that you should keep in mind while making the final call are:

    1. Emergency Care
      Although most of the time, you only need routine dental services but choosing someone who offers emergency care will give you a sense of peace in case unexpected dental issues arise.
    2. Experience
      Go for someone whom you can trust. Choosing a dentist with extensive education and practical experience can prove fruitful. More experience means more empathy with respect to patient dealing.
    3. Testimonials
      Everything is now available with just a tap. All you need to do is read reviews and testimonials, either on their website or on their social media page, to have valuable insights into the experiences of others.
    4. Financing
      With everything else falling into place, do not forget about insurance. Learn about the available payment options and financing plans to make sure you are financially sound.
    5. Dental Sedation
      Still, if reassurance is not enough and you feel jittery, explore the option of dental sedation offered by your dentist. Understanding their experience and comfort level with sedation techniques can lessen your worries.
    6. Comfortable Atmosphere
      Choose the ambiance of your dental practice wisely, as it plays a crucial role in calming your nerves. Select a practice that offers comfort with amenities such as blankets, soothing music, etc.

Handling Dental Anxiety

  1. Check and Balance: Take control of what is happening rather than blindly following anything. Ask your dentist to give details regarding each procedure step in advance. This will help you mentally prepare for what is to come and eliminate feelings of uncertainty.
  2. Use Signals To Communicate: No need to sit idle. Establish a signal to stop whatever is happening when you want it. You can use gestures like raising your hand.
  3. Personal Comfort: If the sounds of dental tools trigger your anxiety, get your earbuds on to listen to your favorite music. This small change can make a huge difference in comfort.

Sedation: In cases of severe anxiety, options like nitrous oxide or IV sedation can immensely help.

Closing Note

Get in touch with Sanjose dentist from AT Dental Clinic, for a detailed discussion on dental sedation and other therapies we can offer you. We are at 1906 Aborn Rd, San Jose, CA 95121, near Maxim Market – the Asian grocery store. Or, call us today at (408) 579-9931 for assistance.

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