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Our Case Studies

Dr. Tuan loves being able to help his patients achieve their dream smile. Whether it is cosmetic or restorative, Dr. Tuan provides the treatments his patients need based on their dental goals, budget, and lifestyle. When you come to AT Dental Care, we will develop a custom treatment plan with you, to ensure your individual needs are met. When you are proud of your smile, you’ll be able to get back to your day-to-day life with a confident, carefree smile. A smile is worth a thousand words, so take a look at our smile transformations, and get in touch if you have any questions about your treatment options!

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“A More Youthful, Natural Smile”

This patient came in looking for a cosmetic enhancement for her smile. She complained her old crowns and bridge looked very "ugly and fake”. She hoped that Dr. Tuan would be able to help her achieve a more youthful and natural smile. After her consultation, Dr. Tuan recommended replacing her existing dental work with new crowns and a bridge. He designed her new smile with detailed, custom prosthetics that had a more natural-looking texture and color. Once treatment was complete, the patient reported an instant boost in self-confidence and received many compliments on her beautiful smile. The patient was extremely satisfied and grateful for her cosmetic smile make-over!

“No Uncomfortable Dentures”

This patient came to AT Dental Care looking to replace her 3 missing teeth on the left side of her lower arch, but was not interested in wearing dentures. After determining that her jaw bone was in good health, Dr. Tuan recommended replacing the missing teeth with 3 dental implants. The implants were surgically placed in our office according to Dr. Tuan’s detailed, precise placement plan. Initially, the patient was anxious and fearful of the surgery, but was amazed at how easy and painless the surgery was. She reported having very little to no discomfort or pain after the surgery. She recovered quickly and the suture was removed after a week. After the healing period of 4 months, she came back to AT Dental Care to complete the restoration. Dr. Tuan attached three custom-made porcelain crowns to her dental implants for a beautiful, seamless smile. Her implants look and function just like natural teeth, improving and preserving her smile. She was extremely happy with the final result and can now comfortably enjoy her favorite foods without needing to wear any "horribly uncomfortable dentures.

“Chipped Front Teeth”

This patient came to AT Dental Care in the hopes that Dr. Tuan would be able to provide a cosmetic enhancement to address the chips and gap in his smile. After a detailed consultation with Dr. Tuan, a custom treatment was designed and the patient was presented with an initial mock-up. After seeing what his new smile would look like, the patient was amazed and excited to move forward with his treatment. Dr. Tuan placed six anterior veneers and two lower molar porcelain onlays. The patient was extremely satisfied and happy with the final result. He said his new smile dramatically boosted his self-confidence and noticed he was smiling more as a result.

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