Is Teeth Whitening With Cavities A Bad Combo?

Mar 30, 20222654 Views

Teeth whitening procedures are a choice of many when it comes to improving the appearance of a person’s teeth. A single teeth whitening session in your dentist’s chair can whiten up your teeth up to eight shades. For anyone who wants to get rid of the teeth stain and discoloration caused due to aging or […]

Negative Impacts Of Smoking On Dental Implants

Mar 15, 20221383 Views

The chances of dental implant failure in smokers are way higher than in those who don’t smoke. People who are aware of the negative effects of smoking know how badly it damages our bodies. If you have had dental implant surgery and you smoke, you should know that this habit can lead to the replacement […]

Why You Should Professionally Whiten Your Teeth

Feb 28, 20222694 Views

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is a great way to enjoy the brighter smile you’ve always wanted. You may think of doing it yourself with over-the-counter whitening kits, but there’s a huge difference between in-office teeth whitening results vs. store-bought solutions. Read on to learn the many benefits of getting professional teeth whitening from your […]


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