How To Find An Emergency Dentist?

Mar 15, 2023131 Views

Dental emergencies may occur at any point in life and can be quite scary. Maybe you broke a tooth or are experiencing severe pain in your gums. Whatever the case may be, prompt action is necessary; for that, you need to find an emergency dentist near you. Stay with us till the end to learn […]

Top 5 Cosmetic Dental Treatments | Guide 101

Feb 28, 2023318 Views

Well, you know what they say, a smile is worth a thousand words, and that’s exactly where cosmetic dentistry comes in! It’s like a magical spell that transforms your teeth completely. Cosmetic dental work is like having a personal stylist for your teeth; a good set can make you feel like a superstar. Bid farewell […]

How To Pick The Right Cosmetic Dentist?

Feb 15, 2023260 Views

The importance of cosmetic dentistry is way more than just giving you a Hollywood smile. Therefore, you must know how to pick the best cosmetic dentist for yourself. First, we are all aware of how much first impressions come into play. Imagine meeting someone, and the first thing they get to see is your yellow, […]

Retainers Or Invisalign, Which Option Is Better For You?

Jan 30, 2023613 Views

Invisalign is a clear, plastic aligner that straightens teeth because of issues like crooked or crowded teeth, gaps in teeth, bite issues, etc. At the same time, retainers are metal orthodontic devices holding teeth in place after removing braces. Unlike plastic, retainers are made of stainless steel or titanium. So, which device is better for […]

Teeth Whitening Cost In California

Jan 15, 2023432 Views

Are you looking for a dazzling Hollywood smile and are troubled about how much does it cost to whiten teeth? Do not fret about teeth whitening cost if you live in San Jose, California; this blog has all your answers. Those pearly whites you see on the big screen can now be your reality with […]

Dental Implants For The Elderly

Dec 30, 2022790 Views

Are dental implants worth the money? Yes, absolutely! They are high-functioning closest to real alternatives for missing teeth! Dental implants are without a doubt one of the best options for replacing missing teeth because they provide a strong, stable replacement foundation for your teeth. They look, feel, and function exquisitely like natural teeth. Moreover, they […]

Type of Dental Implant For You

Dec 15, 2022558 Views

Are you missing a tooth? That is not a problem anymore! With dental implants, you can easily replace them with an artificial pearly white without even letting people know. How many types of dental implants are available to choose from? Let’s find out. What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements made of […]

10 Reason For Yellow Teeth Even After You Brush Them Everyday

Nov 30, 2022992 Views

Who does not want a perfect set of pearly whites to show them off, right? You might be brushing and flossing daily but still, no use. If you have questions like, “why my teeth are yellow when I brush them everyday?” rummaging through your mind, this blog will put you to ease. What Causes Yellow […]

FAQs About Wisdom Teeth Stitches

Nov 15, 2022739 Views

Wisdom teeth are the last set that grows in the latter part of life (late teens or adulthood) with the least space because of other teeth. Due to less room, they often remain impacted, grow crooked or suffer from infection, which leads to their extraction. Usually, it is a simple process; however, in case of […]

How Long Does It Take For The Dentist To Perform Root Canals?

Oct 30, 20221441 Views

Root canals are one of the standard procedures to eliminate damaged tooth roots without having to pull the entire structure out. So, how long does a root canal usually take to complete? A procedure inevitable when the soft tissues get infected takes nothing more than 30 to 60 minutes of your day. How Long Does […]


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