FAQs About Wisdom Teeth Stitches

Nov 15, 202213 Views

Wisdom teeth are the last set that grows in the latter part of life (late teens or adulthood) with the least space because of other teeth. Due to less room, they often remain impacted, grow crooked or suffer from infection, which leads to their extraction. Usually, it is a simple process; however, in case of […]

How Long Does It Take For The Dentist To Perform Root Canals?

Oct 30, 2022373 Views

Root canals are one of the standard procedures to eliminate damaged tooth roots without having to pull the entire structure out. So, how long does a root canal usually take to complete? A procedure inevitable when the soft tissues get infected takes nothing more than 30 to 60 minutes of your day. How Long Does […]

Wisdom Tooth Pain 101 – 3 Tips To Ease Discomfort

Oct 15, 2022904 Views

It is a common thought that adults are better at dealing with pain since the threshold gets higher as we age. However, the pain felt when teeth pop up is unbearable for all ages. Your wisdom tooth will show up one by one with pain and other symptoms to alarm its presence. Let’s walk through […]

How To Get Rid Of Unbearable Tooth Pain While You Are Pregnant

Sep 30, 202238 Views

Women during pregnancy require extra care and attention due to the changes happening in their bodies. This means they need to be more careful about the treatments available to them. It is common for women to have unbearable tooth pain while they are pregnant; however, the good news is that the issue is reversible and […]

Is Getting Veneers Removed From Teeth a Good Idea?

Sep 15, 2022560 Views

Veneers are a quick and painless method to get a fuller, beautiful smile. This treatment is fit for people with stains, gaps, or any chip(s) in their teeth. You must know that veneers are permanent; once you have them on, there is no turning back. Veneers cannot be removed after they sit on the teeth. […]

5 Significant Signs Of Teething In Babies

Aug 30, 2022756 Views

Teething is one of those phases in the child’s life that requires patience from the parent’s side. This phase brings about a lot of changes, the baby becomes fussy and a range of symptoms appear that are generally quite discomforting. One of the teething issues is that it can cause fever spikes. It is relatively […]

How Can You Make Your Gums Grow Back?

Aug 15, 2022352 Views

You may find your teeth starting to look longer than usual. Do not worry; you are not delusional. The fact that your teeth may have a longer appearance is related to gums receding from the line. Once gums push back, they do not grow again. That is why maintaining gum health is a must. Let’s […]

Does Toothpaste Expire? Here’s What You Should Know

Jul 28, 2022401 Views

Does toothpaste expire? How exactly does it work? For a product that millions of Americans use every day, most people know little about what it contains and how the ingredients work together to help you maintain good oral hygiene. In this article, we’ll talk about toothpaste in depth. First, we’ll talk about how toothpaste works, […]


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